Facebook page: Missing Marshall
Contact: 951-892-8028 or 920-604-3230
Lost Dogs of Wisconsin flyer:
Photos of markings:
This is Marshall’s animal control intake photo from California.   He is actually DARK GREY/BLUE and white, not brown!
Marshall is an american bulldog blend who vanished during the week of March 6th, 2017 from De Pere, WI where he was spending a week at an approved home as a foster-to-adopt dog. He belongs to the 501c3 organization “Battle Buddies – Inland Empire” located in Riverside, CA, but the people who let him out of their sight did not alert his rescue for three days.  His rescue’s volunteers and everyone who loves him appreciate any leads/reports so we know what happened to our sweet boy!  He is neutered, DARK GREY/BLUE and white, and people friendly with visible scars and freckles on his face.  Call 951-892-8028 or 920-604-3230 immediately.


Facebook page: Get Toby Home

Contact: (920) 639-1189 *Primary Number*, (920) 639-1949 or (920) 639-1224

Lost Dogs of Wisconsin flyer:
Photos of markings:


Toby ran away on the night of Friday December 1, 2017, near the Bark & Brew on Lineville Road in Suamico, Wisconsin. Unfortunately, as Toby was running he was hit by a truck twice in the parking lot and appeared to have an injured right back leg. Toby has been spotted multiple times around the Howard-Suamico area and may have a limp due to said injury.
If you see a dog resembling Toby anywhere in the area of Howard-Suamico or outlying communities, please IMMEDIATELY CALL (920) 639-1189 ANY TIME OF DAY OR NIGHT to notify of the sighting. If no answer please call the numbers listed in the below order to try to attempt and contact another member of Toby’s family. Please don’t feel like you are bothering us by calling – we’d rather investigate a report that not get a call at all. Also, if you happen to receive our voicemail please keep trying until you reach us. We do our best to have our phones available 24×7 to respond but unfortunately during this search we also have jobs to attend to as well as other daily activities that may leave us unavailable to answer. The more persistent you are in attempting to contact hopefully will mean we won’t miss your report.
Kim Bouschart: (920) 639-1189 ***Primary Number***
Marty Botschaft (920) 639-1949
Ali Bouschart (920) 639-1224
Please do not call Toby’s name, chase, or attempt to coax Toby to you as we’ve been advised by Lost Dogs of Wisconsin that this may scare him and make him flee. Remaining at the area where you’ve seen Toby and attempting to keep an eye on his movements and travel or direction will help us to locate him. We do our best to answer any and all calls and will get to the location as soon as humanly possible.
When you call, please attempt to provide us the address, nearest road intersection, or description of the property or area in which Toby was seen. If you are able to safely record video or take a picture of the dog spotted this may help us in confirming the sighting as well as identify the area in which he was found.
Please do not access any private property without the owners explicit consent. We have been very fortunate to have been granted access to private property by most everyone we’ve contacted.
Lastly, we appreciate our wonderful Howard-Suamico community as well as those from out of the immediate area for all your time, effort, energy, prayers and love you’ve been sending our family during this very difficult time.
Thank you for being part of #TeamToby


Facebook page: N/A – Please share his Lost Dogs of Wisconsin post.

Baloo was adopted through Mit Liebe German Shepherd Dog Rescue.   They are very worried about him too!  


Contact: 920-609-0824 
Lost Dogs of Wisconsin flyer:
Photos of markings:



If you know of someone who recently found a German Shepherd or a neighbor that all of a sudden has a German Shepherd, please ask the question if it might be Baloo. We are working with the Humane Societies, dog rescues, local vets and many faithful individuals to bring Baloo home.

We miss our boy so much. We aren’t sure why he went missing. At first he was sticking to an area a mile from our home but it was heavily wooded and we couldn’t find or trap him but he was on various deer cams. He is very friendly and loves Greenies. Please call of you see him. At this point we aren’t sure where he may be.

Description: German Shepherd wearing red collar, chipped, crooked tail in 2 spots, very friendly.  Call 920-609-0824 immediately.


Facebook page: Finding Jak
Contact: 920-639-3713
Lost Dogs of Wisconsin flyer:
Photos of markings:
Jak was staying at a friends. He got scared and took off. He was last seen on cardinal st in Howard. Please help us find our pup as our boys will be lost without him. Please call 920-639-3713 with any information. He is going to be a very scared pup.

Friends of Marshall, Toby, Baloo & Jak

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